Trekking travertine & lauretana

Every Friday up to 31/10/21
Event Excursion

Trekking along the Lauretana road between Asciano and Serre di Rapolano

A tour to discover the Lauretana road, especially the section that connects Asciano to Serre di Rapolano.
On the way you will come across  the breathtaking landscapes of the travertine quarries, created by man’s work.
Route: Asciano – Serre – Asciano
Start: 9am from the parking in via delle Fonti,  Asciano
Duration: 7h
Level: medium- easy | Km: 17 | Difference in altitude: 300m |
Price: €40 
children under 18 €25 
What does the fee include?

Environmental guide assistance during the trek. Guided tours of Asciano and Serre di Rapolano, light lunch with fresh and seasonal dishes.


Languages: Italian-English-Spanish-French for guided tours

Italian-English during the trek.

Info & reservations:
+39 338 3851115 



Asciano and Serre di Rapolano


Tel. +39 0577 714450