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The tradition of the thermal baths goes back in history. Our Etruscan and Roman ancestors already enjoyed the hot baths in Campo Muri, near Rapolano. In Middle Ages men and women could relax in the waters of Bagni di Montalceto, a few kilometers from Asciano.

The beneficial effects of both the water and the vapour are still greatly appreciated. You can receive benefit from their qualities, plunging yourself in the pools of two important thermal structures: Antica Querciolaia and San Giovanni.

The Wellness centre of Terme Antica Querciolaia offers a wide range of products and treatments to recover psychophysical form, facial and body beauty, Eastern and Western traditional massages for Aesthetic and curative purposes. Treatments by our experienced and selected staff combines with natural products and technological research.

The mineral waters in the pools of San Giovanni flow from natural springs at a temperature of 39°C. The natural elements that they contain are mainly composed of sulphur, with its distinctive odour and calcium bicarbonate.

Combined with the high temperature of the spa water, these two components provide healing properties that are particularly effective in treating skin problems, and on the motor and respiratory systems.

In addition to the feeling of relaxation and comfort that bathing in these springs provides, it also has a cosmetic effect on the skin, improving its appearance and fighting conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema. Inhaling the natural vapours disinfects the airways, providing a marked improvement in respiration.



Terme Antica Querciolaia, Terme San Giovanni



Terme Antica Querciolaia
Via Trieste, 22
53040 – Rapolano Terme (SI)
Tel. (+39) 0577 724091

Terme San Giovanni
Via Terme San Giovanni, 52
53040 – Rapolano Terme (SI)
Tel. (+39) 0577 724030


Tel. +39 0577 714450
Mobile: +39 348 0847875
Email: info@visitcretesenesi.com

“I returned to the San Giovanni spa in Rapolano Terme for the second time and I liked it a lot, the environment is very large, the outdoor spaces are huge and have a breathtaking view of the Crete Senesi and the wonderful Tuscan countryside. The pools have thermal water at various temperatures, the relaxation rooms are pleasant. Spas absolutely not to be missed.”
Elisa G
“End of October ... we have chosen the Antica Querciolaia. I've been there in warmer times but I have to say that with a gray day a little 'less people everything was perfect. Pools warm and not crowded deckchairs for small naps and lunch at the table more than satisfactory for price and quality, staff always very friendly and helpful”