Podesta’ Palace

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Palazzo del Podestà

The ancient Grain square, once known as Trade Square, still hosts the 1400s candid, fountain financed by the Sienese Republic for the township of Asciano.

On the opposite side of the square stands the Podesta’ Palace, built in one of the fortified towers, that still make up Asciano’s fortified walls.

The palace exhibits on its facade severalcode of arms from the various podestas that succeeded from the end of the 1400s to the XVIIth century. It’s possible to admire among these, that of the podesta’ Vieri di Nanni ( 1471, that can also be seen on the fountain in the square) and that of Count Mariano de Cacciaconti, who was in charge in 1473.

Later on, the building was adapted to host the Theatre of the Ravvivati, active until the last century.

Luciano Francini, Antonio Cinotti



Il Palazzo risulta ad oggi inaccessibile.


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