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A Treasure Chest of authentic Beauty

The Daily Telegraph has defined Palazzo Corboli as one of the most beautiful among small museums. It isn’t “just” a museum as traditionally defined : it expands from the Sacred Art Section to the Archeolgical Section; but the building itself is a real artwork. Its architectural and townplanning value, its precious frescoes, its contribution in reconstructing the role of Asciano in the history of the economy of the Sienese Medieval area,have made it exetremely valuable.

The Medieval Palazzo Corboli was owned by the Bandinellis, a noble Sienese family, whose code of arms are present in the decorations throughout the building. The most outstanding ones are two cycles of allegorical frescoes, dated 1300s that decorate the Chamber of Aristoteles and the Chamber of the Four Seasons, attributed to Cristoforo di Benoccio and Meo di Pero.

The Sacred Art Section hosts numerous examples of painted wooden sculpture (a Crucifix by Giovanni Pisano and the Annunciation by Francesco di Valdambrino) along with a considerable nucleus of paintings on wood, some of which attributed to some of the most important masters of the Sienese 1300s, 1400s: Ambrogio Lorenzetti, the Master of Observance, Pietro Giovanni d’Ambrogio, Matteo di Giovanni and Giovanni di Paolo.

Among the later canvases, a beautiful one by Bernardino Mei, one of the most important painters of the Sienese Baroque, stands out.The Museum also hosts sacred apparel coming from the several churches of the area, besides a collection of ceramics that testifies the never forgotten artisan tradition. It’s worth mentioning the latest archeological discovery exhibited inside the Museum: Arcaic Ceramics dated ‘300 – early ‘400, among which an item with a unique decoration.

The second and third floor are dedicated to the Archeological Section, that gathers the ancient evidence of the High Ombrone Valley. It hosts rich apparel coming from the necropolis in the area, among which an Etruscan cart, and interesting finds from an Etruscan-Roman thermal Bath.

Linda Frosini



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Corso Giacomo Matteotti, 122
53041 – Asciano (SI)


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“The medieval Palazzo Corboli houses this interesting museum. The building belonged to the noble Sienese family of Bandinelli whose coats of arms recur in a fascinating pictorial decoration to which are added the two cycles of fourteenth-century allegorical frescoes of the Aristotle Hall and the Sala delle Stagioni, attributed to Cristoforo di Bindoccio and Meo di Pero. In addition to a section of sacred art, noteworthy are the preserved Etruscan artifacts from the surrounding area”
Anna Pia
“The museum, completely restored, has an itinerary that runs through all the floors of the building in a succession that gradually becomes more and more fascinating. From one hall to another through small corridors or frescoed rooms there are beautiful altarpieces or triptychs of the Sienese school, wooden statues of very fine workmanship up to the top floor where many Etruscan finds remind us of the most ancient art with beautiful Findings of statues and precious jewels of the goldsmith's art ... do not miss this real opportunity offered by Asciano.”
Mauro M