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Ponte del Garbo

Situated outside the gates of Asciano, the bridge on the Ombrone River stimulates our interest both for its impressive architecture that for its particular name.

According to tradition, the bridge was called “ del garbo= courtesy” following the victorious battle of Montaperti in 1260, where the Asciano troops excelled especially in virtue and courage along the Sienese troops. According to other theories; the term could indicate some precious material (algarve) used by well off citizens , or it could refer to the structure of the bridge itself, as a matter of fact realized with courtesy.

Whatever the truth is, the existence of the bridge over the Ombrone River had been documented since the XIIIth century. Throughout the ages quite a few reconstructions, caused by the destructive nature of man, have been recorded. As a matter of fact the last reconstruction dates back to the 40s, following the detonation of the bridge by the retreating Germany Army.

Nowadays it’s made up by a single large arch under which flows the river, and in the centre stands a niche dedicated to the Virgin Mary. 

Luciano Francini, Stefano Roncucci



Via del Garbo, Asciano (Siena).


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