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“Donato di Becco”

This garden situated next to Asciano’s ancient walls, has been named after one of the most noble figures of Asciano: the notary Donato di Becco.

He was born around 1280, during the plague he carried on his profession close to the infected helping them draw their last wishes.

In 1348, exhausted, he also died due to the plague, leaving unfinished his last will, that ends after a progressively shaking handwriting , with a word left half written and a sign that makes us clearly understand that his hand didn’t have the strength to continue.

He has left us, among the many notary documents, a very touching poem / prayer, that gives us a glimpse on the desperation that struck the population:

Beloved Virgin Mary
Who gave birth without suffering
Save us from this death
That so much afflicts us
Let no more people die
From this terrible evil”.


Luciano Francini



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