Crete Senesi

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Authentic Tuscany

That Tuscany that you have admired a million times in images and postcards has remained whole and authentic.

The territory of the Sienese Crete that enfolds the townships of Asciano and Rapolano Terme is characterized by an infinite succession of biancane and calanchi (gullies).

The first ones recognizable fo r their typical small white dome shape that shine when sunny, are concentrated particularly along the Lauretana Road, between Siena and Asciano.

Whereas the gullies recognizable from their “knife blade” shaped deep furrows in the ground, can be admired between Asciano and Rapolano terme and in the entire area around the Abbey of Monteoliveto.

Come and discover the breathtaking views travelling on any road that spreads out from the ancient village of Asciano.

But the Crete Senesi aren’t just spas, art, culture, spirituality, good food and that genuine hospitality that has made Tuscany one of the most known places in the world.

The Crete Senesi are four communities that enfold a magic territory.


Francesco Giorni, Luciano Francini



The fantastic views of the Crete Senesi can be enjoyed by following all the panoramic roads that start out from Asciano.


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“We pass and return each time they are differently beautiful, this time we appreciated despite the rain, moreover as in all things as the visits find different places and less known to see, the deviation on the white road to "Medane" to example, or continue after Asciano along the Pecorile road towards the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore.”
“The Crete Senesi are an obligatory stop for those who are in Tuscany. These landscapes take your breath away, at every curve you should stop to take a picture, which we did thanks to the pitches on the road. The hills seem endless, but unique. On the way there are also several vantage points where you can stop and admire them in their beauty.”