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Chiesa di Sant’Agostino

Built in the XIIIth century and enlarged many times throughout the years, the church of Saint Agostino had also a monastery dedicated to Saint Michael.

At present it’s possible to admire the beautiful frescoes recently brought to life by restoration, as a surprising Saint Christopher, frescoed near the entrance, who is represented while crossing the waters with Baby Jesus on his shoulder.

At the foot of the Saint a rare bicaudal siren is also visible. Along the walls of the nave several saints, among whom Saint Catherine of Alexandria, Saint Andrew, Saint John the Baptist, Saint Anthony Abbot,Saint Sebastian, are represented.

Many high quality works of art used to be hosted inside the Church;they are now visible inside the Archeological and Sacred Art Civic Museum, Palazzo Corboli as the wooden Crucifix dated 1280 attributed to Giovanni Pisano, some altar pieces among which the one called “ The Madonna of Mercy”painted by Matteo di Giovanni in 1458 -60 and jewellery items, as the cross, probably commissioned by the rich trader Giacomo Scotti and realized by one of the major goldsmith masters working in Siena in the 1400s.

The church still preserves the tombstone.of the trader Giacomo Scotti .It is possible to admire, along the walls, the frescoes interfaced by the Baroque altars decorated in stucco and gold leaf, that host canvases that represent various saints, all recently restored.

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