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Basilica di Sant’Agata

This Romanesque-Gothic candid church has been known since 1029 and 1040 as recorded in documents of the time, when it substituted the parish church of Saint Ippolito. As a matter of fact, the old baptisimal font from the old parish church is still preserved inside.

The space under the great dome , from where the suspended wooden Crucifix , dated 1400, watches over, is awesome. The Crucifix, believed to be miraculous, has been the origin of the celebrations in September, called Settembre Ascianese, still celebrated with great enthusiasm by the whole community.

Some remains of 1300s frescoes representing the Assumption among figures of angels and saints let us perceive the richness and quality of the previous wall decorations, later on updated with the new 1500s paintings visible in the remains of a fresco representing Christ deposed from the Cross, attributed to Bartolomeo Neroni, known as Riccio.

The Cathedral of Saint Agatha is also known for the many works of sacred art, among which “The Nativity of the Virgin” by the Master of Observance, commissioned for an altar in this church in 1438-39 and now hosted in Museum Corboli.

Francesco Brogi, Francesco Giorni



Everyday from 9°.m. to 10p.m. (in summer); from 9°.m. to 8p.m. (in winter)


Piazza della Basilica 10, Asciano (Siena).


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"In its simplicity, this church dedicated to Sant'Agata is a jewel of architecture. Begun in the eleventh century but expanded with an elegant stone façade in a clean and simple Gothic that rises above a staircase. Quattrocento and some works Very beautiful the original structure in the area of ​​the transept. "
"The Romanesque church of Sant'Agata dominates, together with the clock tower, the skyline of the medieval village of Asciano, with only one nave preserves precious frescoes of 1200-1300. It is located right at the end of the main (pedestrian) course that follows entirely the entire medieval town, from here you can also admire the remains of the ancient walls.These photos of mine make an idea of ​​the beauty of the entire architectural structure. "