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Ancient Pharmacy in Asciano

Founded in1975 with the name “In honour of Saint Agatha” by the Francini Naldi family, this ancient pharmacy that has preserved itself almost entirely, can still be visited by entering the new “De Munari Pharmacy” owned by the descendants of the first owner Francesco Francini Naldi.

He, a well known alchemist and herbalist of the late XVIIIth century, hid in every corner.of his pharmacy, notes, that were discovered by the present owner and descendant, during restoration works.

The notes hid an ancient recipe, based on herbs, roots and fortified wine: the vinpepato (spicy wine)!

Entering the ancient pharmacy it’s possible to appreciate the balanced Neo classical style of the furniture, characterized by by golden festoons and Egyptian style bas reliefs with shelves that exhibit the ancient glass and ceramic containers, richly decorated, used for remedies of that period, filed and labelled with precision.

Francesco Giorni, Stefano Roncucci



To be visited by request at the Pharmacy


Corso Giacomo Matteotti 82, Asciano (Siena).


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