AgriCrete Festival

31 May, 1, 2 June
Event Food

The treasures of the ground

The new stadium of Asciano will host the 5th edition of the AgriCrete Festival, a traditional event revived from the ashes of the former”Mostra mercato ascianese”.

The main themes of the fair are agriculture and breeding, two cornerstones of the rural economy that involves the territory of the Crete Senesi, in this case the extended municipality of Asciano.

With the passing of the years, the event has been increasingly perfected to include other economic realities such as the craft world, a flagship of the social fabric of Asciano. Gastronomic stands will be present with the programmed themed dinners, which are focus on typical Tuscan and Sienese cuisine.

There will be also stands of other activities closely related to the rural world, such as nurseries and gardening, viticulture, craft breweries, truffles, food and beverages, leather goods, furniture and furnishings, wood and iron restoration.

AgriCrete will be open too. Last gem: the fair will be pleased to host the group of TrenoNatura on June 2, which will enjoy a lavish lunch accompanied by music and folk songs.




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